Slime Components and Slime Minions have come to Monkey Island – airdropped via Monkey Airlines! Slime Components are tools that the monkeys can use to help them generate more slime! Slime Minions are little pets that produce slime over time!

Unlike Mutant Monkeys, Slime Components and Minions do not need to be staked! The Bitcoin Monkeys team, in another Stacks first, are pleased to announce Passive Slime Generation! What does this mean? Simple – you will generate Slime everyday automatically, there is no cost or process!

Slime will be credited to wallets every 2 weeks. You NFTs must be in your wallet at the end of each 2 week cycle and NOT listed on market places to earn the Slime. 

SGR: Slime Generation Rate (Per Day)

Slime Components

Slime Pump


SGR: 1
Supply: 200
Rarity: 8%

Slime Drill


SGR: 2
Supply: 100
Rarity: 4%

Slime Station


SGR: 5
Supply: 30
Rarity: 1.2%

Slime Minions

Blue Slime


SGR: 0.5
Supply: 650
Rarity: 26%


Green Slime


SGR: 0.5
Supply: 650
Rarity: 26%

Purple Slime


SGR: 0.5
Supply: 650
Rarity: 26%

Rainbow Slime


SGR: 1.5
Supply: 150
Rarity: 6%

Gold Slime


SGR: 4
Supply: 70
Rarity: 2.8%