Redeem Merchandise Token

How to redeem a Merchandise Token?

All Merch Store Coupon NFT’s can be redeemed for the Discount shown on the token. Please follow the following steps to get your redemption:

  1. Send your Merch Token NFT to the following Stacks Wallet address: SP14D4REK87XS85WEK01F3D79N8D8E6Y12VFANTDV 
  2. Fill out the form below with all details required
  3. Once approved, the Bitcoin Monkeys team will get in touch with you via Discord or Email to give you your Discount code that can be applied during checkout at our Merch Store!
  4. If redeeming a Custom Coupon, please ensure you fill the addtional fields required in the form. The team may get in touch with you for addtional design options if needed as well as informing you when your design is complete and available for purchase in the Merch Store

Redeem Token Form