STAKING Coming Soon Q1 2022

BANANA sits at the core of the Bitcoin Monkey ecosystem. As the ecosystem grows, more utility will be added – increasing the utility of BANANA. However, there will only be a supply of 1,000,000 BANANA.

To earn BANANA, Monkeys will need to be Staked. Each of the 2500 Monkey’s will earn BANANA at a certain Banana Generation Rate (BGR). This will be based on the total of the following:

  • Baseline BGR: 1 BANANA gained every 24 hours (all Monkeys have the baseline BGR rate)
  • Bonus BGR: A bonus percentage on top of the baseline BGR will be applicable to certain Monkey traits

With BANANA as our backbone utility token for the ecosystem, there are still plenty of treasures in The Jungle to uncover with Bitcoin Monkeys! And so, the legend of the Monkeys continues…

Birds were chirping, waves were gently lapping onto the island’s shore, and the Monkeys were busy with their usual monkey business.

Before you could say “Bitcoin,” the monks heard a rumble…the sound grew into a giant cacophony…the earth trembled beneath their monkey feet.

Bewildered at the situation, the lands began to reform. The Monkeys watched on, eyes wide, as new islands and water ways emerged around them.

Before long the chaos ceased.

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The Royals

The Royal Monkeys. Royalty. Enough said. Monkeys far and wide made BANANA sacrifices to the Royals.

BGR: +100%

Banana Crazy

These Monkeys had the Banana fever already, being experts in finding BANANA…this was no new task!

BGR: +50%
BGR: +30%

The Pioneers

Pioneers in ocean and sea navigation, these Monkeys had the skills to secure the BANANA that were in the roughest seas and toughest oceans.

BGR: +10%
Viking Helmet#5
BGR: +10%
Pirate Hat#5
BGR: +10%
Sailor Hat#4

Military Monkeys

Experts in camouflage with their background in the army, these Monkeys know the tactics required to use stealth to secure BANANA to their advantage.

BGR: +10%
BGR: +10%
Army Vest#4

The Bitcoiners

Part of the Bitcoin family, these Monkeys had the investing smarts – they knew how to grow their BANANA faster than other Monkeys!

BGR: +5%
Bitcoin Cap#7
BGR: +6%
Bitcoin Tshirt#5
BGR: +7%
Bitcoin Eyes#3

Magic Monkeys


BGR: +12%
Magician Hat#6

Sleepless Monkeys

These Monkeys stayed up day after day, ending up sleep derived. Due to their hunger to get all the BANANA, they were willing to go to their limits!
BGR: +5%

The Cyborgs

With enhanced cyborg vision – these Monkeys are able to gain a unique advantage with benefits such as X-ray vision to find those BANANA’s in all kinds of places!
BGR: +10%

Money, Money, Money

These Monkeys knew how to hussle their way around the Monkey streets! Experts in trading, they used their monkey to buy BANANA’s off other Monkeys!

BGR: +15%

The Scientists

These Monkeys were born in the science world. Experimenting in their labs all day long, discovering unique ways and formulas to increase their BANANA production!

BGR: +25%

Heightened Senses

Having lost one of their senses – their other senses have gained near super abilities. These Monkeys have enhanced smell and can smell the BANANA’s miles away!

BGR: +5%


Speed, pure speed – the Leopard Monkeys are the fastest of them all. Able to use their speed to give them a boost to getting those BANANA’s before the other Monkeys!

BGR: +16%


Masters of the galaxies – these space Monkeys have unknown techniques which they learnt whilst exploring galaxies outside of earth to benefit them that are out of this world!
BGR: +12%

The Legendaries

Some question whether these Monkey’s still exist today, with far and few across the land only rumours exist of their sighting. These Monkey’s were born with the power of legendary traits giving them an unfair advantage over the others.
BGR: +14%

*BANANA is a utility token used in the Bitcoin Monkeys ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.