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Welcome Monkey Family! Awoo Awoo

Hello! Welcome Monkey Family! Awoo Awoo!

A NFT Collection of 2500 Monkeys on Stacks

Bitcoin Monkeys

Bitcoin Monkeys

Bitcoin Monkeys are the primary collection of the Bitcoin Monkey family and have a total of 2500 NFT’s on the Stacks blockchain. Your Bitcoin Monkey doubles up as your Jungle Club membership card and grants you benefits in the Bitcoin Monkey ecosystem.

Bitcoin Monkeys can currently be staked to earn $BANANA daily based the Banana Generation Rate (BGR). There is will only be a maximum of 1,000,000 $BANANA much of which has already been burnt with utility in the ecosystem

Mutant Monkeys

Mutant Monkeys

Mutant Monkeys are the secondary collection of the Bitcoin Monkey family. There are a maximum of 5000 Mutant Monkeys which are composed of 3 different variations – MM1, MM2 and MM3. Mutant Monkeys can only be generated by the Mutant Chamber using the corresponding Serum which is part of the Bitcoin Monkey Labs collection.

Mutant Monkeys can also be staked similar to Bitcoin Monkeys and earn $SLIME daily based on the Slime Generation Rate (SGR). There was initially a total of 4,000,000 $SLIME of which much has already begun to be burnt using various utility in the ecosystem.

Monkey Kids Treehouse Club

Monkey Kids Treehouse Club

Monkey Kids Treehouse Club (MKTC) are the third collection in the Bitcoin Monkeys ecosystem. With only a total of 1500, MKTC are produced by combining an Egg together with an Incubator. MKTC are able to currently be staked as well to earn $BANANA however at a reduced rate and with a limited $BANANA pool

The Monkz Comics

The Monkz Comics are a side collection and the comic series collection of Bitcoin Monkeys. With multiple Volumes planned to be released, The Monkz Comics are a limited collectable! There are a combination of Standard and Gold Volume 1 comics that have been released already with Volume 2 in preparation for future release!

Spirit Monkeys

Monkey Kids Treehouse Club

Awoo Awoo! Coming soon in Roadmap 3

Mecha Monkeys

Awoo Awoo! Coming soon in Roadmap 3


Bitcoin Monkeys Mint

Naming Centre

Monkey Store

$BAN Token

Staking for Bitcoin Monkeys

Bitcoin Monkeys Labs – Serum Mint

Mutation Chamber – Mutant Monkeys

Merchandise Store – Season 1

Staking Mutant Monkeys

$SLM Token

Monkey Coin Airdrop

Slime Laboratory – Mutants Level Up!

Slime Minions and Components Airdrop

Egg Mint

Incubators – Monkey Store

Breeding Chamber – MKTC

The Monkz Comics

New Website Launch

Roadmap 3

Latest Monkey News

Latest Monkey News

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