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Our Vision

Bitcoin Monkey’s is not just another artwork. Anyone can create a NFT collection, mint and use hype to launch a collection – that is not us. Being successful entrepreneurs in the traditional world and having experience across both Solana and Ethereum NFT’s, failure is not an option for us – neither is being second best!

We will ensure we bring not only amazing artwork, but also a game changing roadmap! Providing holders of Bitcoin Monkeys increasing value and utility but most importantly having a team and a community that truly can swing together!

The Jungle Club

At the dawn of the 20th century, explorers and adventurers from all over the world, embarked on countless voyages – venturing deep within Monkey Jungle.

Legend had it that deep within the jungle lived an advanced civilization. Not of humans…but monkeys.

But over the years, none succeeded. The legend, was really just a legend…

Until one day…when a bold adventurer came upon a large cave in the shape of a monkey. Taking a deep breath, he entered. After he had moved a few steps forward, the cave began to narrow and the entrance to the cave shut. There was no turning back. So he moved on…until he came across a door.

Hanging on the door, was a wooden sign – it read, “The Jungle Club” and just as he said the words, the door suddenly opened in front of him and there inside was a magical place – full of unique monkeys everywhere!

The legend was real. The Jungle Club was real.

But these were no ordinary monkeys…and they were up to something…something big…

Jungle Club Access

Monkey holders will be rewarded with exciting giveaways, drops, merchandise, events and many more goodies as we embark on our journey.

Vote in Jungle Club

As a member of the Jungle Club, you will have a say in the future of the community. From unknown roadmap items, to the direction of the overall project – we are all part of the Jungle Club!

Giveaways & Drops

Beside what will be on our roadmap, we will be doing a number of future giveaways and drops on specials days – your monkey’s traits and rarities may depend on this!


When you own a Bitcoin Monkey, you aren’t just a holder of another art piece! You are gaining exclusive membership to the Jungle Club, whose benefits, events and offerings will increase over time. Your Bitcoin Monkey will open doors as we embark on our journey and you as the community drive the creation of the future perks and roadmaps!

1. Website Launch (COMPLETE)

The Launch of the official Bitcoin Monkey website!

2. Public Mint (SOLD OUT)

2500 Bitcoin Monkeys with a mint price of 45 STX on the 27th November 2021

3. Rarity Table (COMPLETE)

Rarity table showcase rarities of all Bitcoin Monkey traits! –

4. Merch Store (COMPLETE)

Bitcoin Monkey’s exclusive Merchandise store gets unlocked! Featuring limited edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies!

5. The Jungle Council (COMPLETE)

Your Monkey, Your Jungle! The Jungle Club allows holders to have their say and give each Monkey a vote on how we progress, grow as a community and launch future upcoming roadmap features! More monkeys = More votes!

6. Stake your monkeys and earn BANANAS (COMPLETE)

A unique staking system that will reward you banana points for holding and staking your monkeys, these can be used in our jungle ecosystem and monkey store.

7. Mutant Monkeys (COMPLETE)

Bitcoin Monkeys are mixing up some Serums…but they got the formula a bit wrong….the mutations are happening! Get ready for a whole Play to Earn (P2E) ecosystem. $BANANA will be ever so valuable!

8. Naming Centre (COMPLETE)

The Naming Centre gives you the ability to give your Bitcoin Monkey NFT a custom name!

9. Roadmap 2.0 Extension - Mutant Monkeys (COMPLETE)

The Mutant Monkeys are bringing a whole new element of P2E to our Bitcoin Monkeys ecosystem! Get ready for the worlds to expand!

BONUS: Bitcoin Monkeys are boarding into the Metaverse!

Get ready for the Meta Monkeys on Ethereum as we make our way across the waters into Sandbox! Aren’t you glad you saved up $BANANA!

Giveaways, Drops & Benefits

Outside of the Roadmap, we will be giving all Monkey holders an opportunity to earn
multiple Giveaways, Drops & Benefits throughout our journey.
You can qualify by ANY ONE of the following three different ways shown below!


By holding a monkey & having an OG monkey role


By having certain rare traits on monkeys


By holding multiple monkeys

The Team

Tope Monkey


SS Monkey


Sara Monkey

Design | Art

Mischa Monkey

Design | Art

Plutus Monkey


Obsidian Monkey


Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin Monkeys are a limited collection of 2500 unique NFTs on the Stacks (STX) blockchain developed by an experienced global team across 3 different continents! Your Bitcoin Monkey will act as a membership pass to the Jungle Club – our unique roadmap giving you access to a range of benefits and events.
As we go on our journey, each Bitcoin Monkey will grant access to a range of benefits on our roadmap – however, certain traits or rarities may have increased benefits!

There will be multiple giveaways and benefits throughout the Monkey Roadmap, the following may come into play in different ways when selecting winners!

1. OG Monkey role 
2. Rare traits on Monkeys 
3. Number of Bitcoin Monkeys held 

Stacks ($STX) is a layer-1 blockchain solution that is designed to bring smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) to Bitcoin ($BTC). These smart contracts are brought to Bitcoin without changing any of the features that make it so powerful — including its security and stability. It is a fast growing blockchain, getting bigger everyday and hence we are brining one of the first big projects to Stacks!

Polygon (MATIC) is a Layer-1 blockchain on Ethereum
Stacks (STX) is a Layer-1 blockchain on Bitcoin

Stacks ($STX) is listed on over 50 different exchanges, full list can be found on

Similar to Metamask for ETH and Phantom for SOL, Stacks (STX) uses Hiro wallet! Very quick and easy to setup for Chrome, Brave and Firefox users.

See link below